The future of human and artificial intelligence and communication


Where children and adults from everywhere learn together systemically. A world in which people communicate with each other in a conceptually clear and meaning-dense understanding-oriented way, and where human and artificial superintelligence grow synergistically.

formwelt technologies enable this and much more


a coding language for language and meaning

formwelt is a linguistic system based on injunction to acquire definition. Its kernel consists of about 320 references. You can think of them as words with concrete meaning, which explain each other without any gaps that could hinder the flow of information and the construction of precise sense.


Therefore, is formwelt here and today to language and information technology what 2.000 years ago Euclid’s Elements were to geometry in particular and to mathematics in general, with the difference that Euclid can be modelled in formwelt and would occupy only a small niche therein.


formwelt’s formally and semantically self-sufficient kernel enables translation of all thinkable concepts into all natural languages without any loss of meaning. formwelt can be translated into:

→ signs
→ light
→ sound
→ music
→ haptic and vibrating symbols
→ virtual reality landscape
→ …

You can even create new languages with formwelt and there is so much more to be explored …


a global cognitive evolution

formwelt Online is more than an environment for users and developers. It will enable communication based on understanding, transformative science. It connects citizen scientists with academics. It breaks down all barriers of culturally limited concepts so we can finally walk in our fellow human being’s shoes.

let's bring together the greatest minds of our time



Get access to 320 references and follow a complex web of cognition to build your own sign universe

Improve your and your team’s meaning density by creating a verbal net based on your set of labels

Check your density level of meaning in your studies, models and academic papers with formwelt and improve your outcomes

Create protected groups for your school classes, research groups, universities, companies and other private groups

Share or sell your perspectives, insights, models and scientific papers in a protected, ad-free, publicly accessible marketplace or within your closed groups

formwelt designer: get access to the development environment with tools to integrate your own reference system as well as formwelt interfaces and adapted technologies


eli - elevated linguistic intelligence

eli is cutting-edge evolution for Artificial Intelligence. In synergy with eli, we will unleash our innate complexity management skills and explore potentials that lie dormant in all of us and that, until now, have only been accessible for few.

eli will co-create meaning with us

This AI will help you to review your concepts, make suggestions, and support your organisational work. While you rest, sleep or do other things, eli will help you to exchange information with your colleagues and partners eli’s about your progress and continue to work for you.

All our constructive imaginary power can be unleashed


Thinking & Intelligence

Imagine what a clear and uncomplicated mind can conceive

Imagine your thoughts plain and sharp as a knife, your thinking and your expression are in tune. Imagine yourself free from intellectual doubts …

AI & Robotics

Put an intelligent mind and you will have a semantic engine
formwelt delivers the intellectual means to develop an interface that can help a human being to recreate and simulate parts of his/her mind using a computer …

Communication & Diplomatic Solutions

Say what you mean and mean what you say
Communication is the main concern of formwelt to help people to understand themselves, their world and each other and to develop effective means to communicate with each other …

Data & Information Management

Organize information like never before
Data and Information Management (internet utilization) – the concepts of formwelt are especially useful for organizing information …


Develop new theories to solve mankind's biggest problems
Scientific teams can develop their project-specific language clearly and effectively when based on formwelt

Data & Information Management

Debug your business communication for more susstainability

Every business company can run much more efficiently if the communication between co-workers, management, and staff is as sound and precise as possible …


Bridge cultural differences and communicate without misunderstandings
Since formwelt is quite formalized, labels can be exchanged almost like variable names in a program, the structure of the meaning should remain unharmed …


Fostering a decentralized cross-cultural systemic and scienfitic education

Imagine clear-spoken learning materials that help us from our early days on to learn with pleasure as much as we like and as fast as we can without the ever lurking demon of vagueness …

Language based behaviour research

Learning how humans develop meaning
Another built-in application of Since formwelt is Language Based Behavior Research by analyzing the user activities on an internet service for Since formwelt


Liberating from manipulation

A human being conscious of his thinking and his language cannot be manipulated and will no longer feel the need to manipulate others …

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world" - Ludwig Wittgenstein


After more than thirty years of research, formwelt is ready to launch it’s cutting-edge technology.

Facilitate human superintelligence

Co-create ELI and ELI butler

Help scientists and citizen scientists realize their dreams and projects

Support liberation from manipulation all over the world

Foster diplomatic solutions

Give children a chance for a better life

Make systemic education and understanding oriented communication possible for all of us

Get us ready for take-off:
we need funding for

Undivided attention on everything we need to coordinate

Good programmers and UX designers

Accounting, legal protection and up-to-date marketing

Office and seminar space, hardware and software expenses

Being able to support our projects abroad locally

Funding Goals

2.000.000 €

formwelt online beta

10.000.000 €

formwelt online

eli – app with language based behaviour analysis

15.000.000 €

formwelt online
eli – app with language based behaviour analysis
eli – butler ai betaversion

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