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formwelt has set itself the task of promoting systemic education and understanding-oriented communication worldwide. We are determined to make our research, life energy and profits from our services available globally for development aid, educational institutions and social work. We want to be intensively involved so that in the long term, all people, regardless of age, skin colour, gender and origin, can learn, work and act systemically together, thus releasing human superintelligence for future worth living for all.
For the complex challenges of today and tomorrow, formwelt universe provides models, platforms, seminars and tools from next-generation systems theory and cybernetics for all who want to make a systemic, fair and sustainable contribution.

Over 30 years of intensive systems research for successful organisational analyses, outstanding communication design, skilful and precise conflict and complexity management, cross-border understanding-oriented cooperation and systemically reflected, self-empowered people.

Executive Team

Ralf Peyn

Gitta Peyn


education programmes

Dominik Ortelt


future development

Helga Koelln

coordination funding, health and partner programmes

Systemic Health Research Lab

Research - Training - Tools

First, formwelt Health is thinking and setting out to explore, promote and establish social understanding of the complexity management model, generated with formwelt kernel.

In the context of systemic health and longevity we are working for those affected, secondary affected and all health professionals and supporters.

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We are initially focusing on the following key areas:

→ Long Covid
→ Autism and neurodiverse spectrum
→ Stress/resilience
→ Age-related illnesses
→ Reintegration into working life
→ Communication and understanding work in the context of systemic and autoimmune diseases and invisible impairments

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Elena-Maria Beenen

lab head

Dr. Karin Kelle-Herfurth

lab head
medical doctor and health economist

Marina Gerdes

health & change management, health & work expert

Ilia Stambler

brain trust
ph.d, longevity researcher
Dr. Karim Fathi
brain trust
crisis and resillience researcher

Michael Gerstner

brain trust
social worker

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International Education and Exchange

Programmes - Tools - Local Projects

We are starting with our foreign projects in India and Kenya.

Our first goals are to promote systemic education, set up training projects in formwelt organisation and social communication, and exchange/education projects in regenerative agriculture.

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We are initially focusing on the following key areas:

→ Adult training in C2M complexity management model for economic emancipation of our partner projects.

→ Establishment of a local exchange project “Regenerative Agriculture with formwelt Research” EU/India/Kenya

→ Preparation of formwelt online pilot projects in India and Kenya with our partners ISET Foundation and Solidarity International Trust

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Dickson Ntwiga

solidarity international trust – sit
meru, kenia

Dr. Sandeep Singh

iset foundation
lucknow, india

Mark Damon Harvey

brain trust
Consultant for participatory development cooperation

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