On this page, we have summarised formwelt for you in three different levels of detail. An introduction which is easy to follow, an advanced read to go deeper into the logic behind formwelt , including applications, and a more scientific read.


by Gitta Peyn

To think in formwelt means to bring one’s concepts and thus one’s meaning to the point. It’s like a printing press for meaning: you think about what you really mean, and then you bring that into the world with the help of formwelt and in such a way that no one who also has formwelt at their disposal can misunderstand it any more. There are no longer even misunderstandings between different cultures. formwelt can be spoken in all languages of the world and a word is transferred 1:1 from one language to the other in formwelt. There is no more loss of meaning. Not at reference level.

In formwelt, every single term has a deep meaning. It has a “deep structure”. Take a definition. There you have the term that is defined, and then behind it is what it means. It’s similar in formwelt, except that we don’t define it: We reference. Which means: you create the meaning. You no longer have to learn anything by heart. Nothing complicated “out there” has to be learned by you. The formwelt reference is an instruction for action: “Do this and that, follow the inner path of the concept, and then the meaning will open up to you from within!”

This sounds much more complicated than it is.
Imagine you have a kit of terms – all the terms necessary to build all the other terms with. This kit is the kernel of formwelt.

Suppose you want to explain to a friend what ” freedom ” means. Let us also assume that formwelt Online is already available to you. Then you go online, like on Facebook, log in to formwelt Online, and look at the kernel there. You think about what freedom really means to you and see that formwelt is structured in modules. You ask yourself where you want to start – with this or with that module? Does “freedom” mean more independence or mental freedom for you, or maybe both? Is it something you think of in terms of potential, or is it more of a static thing for you?

You play with the building blocks, put different ones in front of you, and then you tinker until you find the conceptual construction that works for you.

For me, Heinz von Foerster’s (the legendary multigenicist, co-founder of cybernetics – and one of the greatest systemic thinkers of all time) thought on freedom was crucial for my own reference. I feel it is dependent thinking if I understand freedom only as spatial freedom, as a “Free from what?”. A “Free for what?” appeals to me much more, and the idea of linking my concept of freedom with an everyday challenge to myself seemed logical to me. After all, I don’t believe in standing still and prefer to work with an ethic whose values continually challenge me to examine and change my thinking. You don’t have freedom, you create it within yourself. A person can have all the wealth in the world and still be a slave.

That is my reference of freedom:

Freedom Form the next possibility

Which brings us to the middle of a nice example of a formwelt reference.

You see on the left of the reference the word or symbol to be labelled “freedom” and on the right of the equivalent sign “” “form”, “the”, “next”, “possibility”.

  • “Form” is a symbol or word referenced in formwelt
  • “the” is a symbol or word referenced in formwelt
  • “next” is a symbol or word referenced in formwelt, and so, of course, is “possibility”

Each of these four symbols, words, signs has its own reference:

Form term, term, term, … … … … …
The term, term, … … … …
Next term, term, … … … …
Possibility … … … … … …

And each of the … is itself again a reference in the formwelt kernel. And so on, and so forth.

Every term is like a label that you stick on a thing. One realises: We can theoretically call it something else, the label itself is nothing but convention. To believe that the word “theoretical” has meaning in itself is absurd.

Floating so freely in space can make you a little dizzy at first, but the longer you work with it, the clearer it becomes.

You see now how the reference asks you to do something in your mind and follow my instruction? Form the next possibility. This is my reference, my idea of freedom. With only one possibility I am imprisoned, with only two I am in a dilemma – only from the third does freedom begin. I could be free even in prison if I follow my reference and apply it to my thinking and feeling.

The deeper you then penetrate into formwelt, the more of my thoughts you can comprehend. And the same is true in reverse for me when you begin to show me your concepts. I can then immerse myself in your experience, in your world of concepts, see how you form a concept of something. Then I not only understand you superficially, but I comprehend you. I begin to understand how you think, what is important to you, what matters to you, what makes you tick.

Language finally becomes more than a superficial instrument of communication. What we all want, namely to be understood and to understand, becomes possible with formwelt. Can you imagine the therapeutic value this can have not only for the individual, but for our culture, indeed for the whole planet? Do you have any idea what this means for human interaction? Think about how much content is lost in the workplace alone when a new idea comes from the top to be spread downwards… Think of all the misunderstandings that happen at the state level – not to mention the daily quarrel with loved ones.

Sure, not every quarrel can be resolved, and there are still misunderstandings on an emotional level – but those in the conceptual, they can finally be reasonably clarified via formwelt references. Misunderstandings also arise with formwelt, and that is good, because without disputes there would be no culture and no growth at all. But there are also conflicts and misunderstandings that we can all do without. And with formwelt the misunderstanding can be cleared upwards.

formwelt is the remedy against ideology – and ideology, in my eyes, is the greatest enemy of human beings. – Some say it is fear, but I have always understood fear as a friend. Ideology, on the other hand, it wants totalitarianism and fascism. It is ISIS and White Supremacists. It is the Nazi, the Inquisition, the mob in the streets.

Doesn’t formwelt limit creativity if the terms are already predefined and you leave no more room for misunderstanding?

No. Firstly, only the kernel is given, and that’s just 320 terms. And secondly, creativity only really begins when you have mastered the technique. Every artist and scientist knows that. Theoretically, you can tinker with the kernel on your own, there’s nothing wrong with that. But for a collaborative work, you have to agree on a minimum consensus. Once you can understand concepts as free-floating, you can also move away from conceptual ontology. Then it no longer hurts when someone specifies 320 terms for collaboration – and for machines to be able to do something with them.

In fact, the really exciting conflicts only start when the interlocutors are able to do something. Before that, it’s pretty boring, and most of the time you just repeat the conflicts you’ve already ploughed through a thousand times.

Our goal is to enable people to emancipate themselves from the limitations of conventional language, so that they can grow even more beyond themselves and without the eternal fear of being thought stupid. formwelt makes people more intelligent. More intelligent people ask new questions!

If formwelt has a mathematical foundation, it’s certainly hard to learn, isn’t it?

formwelt ends up being spoken in all the languages of the world. You don’t need to know anything about the mathematical foundation. I speak FORMWELT to a large extent by now. That sounds quite normal to you, doesn’t it? The advantage to normal German is that you can – if you like – go and look at FORMWELT Online to see what I really mean by my terms. And if you don’t agree with one of my constructions of terms, make your own suggestion. Then we can either leave them both as they are, but maybe we can see that we can both do even better and create one together, who knows?

Anyway: formwelt is easy to learn, and on formwelt Online I will make it even easier for you. We will invent games, and there is even already a formwelt language for children and dyslexics and everyone who enjoys pictorial symbols: an icon-based formwelt.

In our team, Ralf is the mathematician. I am the one who makes sure that everything remains easy to understand. formwelt should be for everyone.

formwelt sounds binary. What about indeterminacies, paradoxes and contradictions? What about tautologies?

Yes, formwelt is semantically and formally self-sufficient, which means that an artificial intelligence can also speak formwelt and create meaning together with us. But, formwelt already has paradoxes built into it, and we have known since Gödel, Heisenberg, Turing, Church and many others that we cannot escape the indeterminate. Every time we try to determine something, it is only a matter of time before the next and new indeterminate pokes its head out.

formwelt is the world’s chance for new paradoxes.

Is all the knowledge of mankind to be stuffed into 320 terms?

Of course not. You have the kernel, with it you can build your first references and perspectives. With everyone who works with formwelt, formwelt grows. You can keep your concepts to yourself and work alone or make them available to everyone else or to selected teams. Everything that is made public enriches the world. Ralf and I can’t really estimate yet what will be possible with it.

I can already think of a few things in the field of art and medicine alone, but humanity emancipated in formwelt will use it to invent things that we can’t even imagine today. For example, formwelt can be used to create new languages in art. I am thinking of a language in tones, chords, intervals, etc., with which entire operas could be created. Or one could invent a painting- formwelt-language with colours and lines. In medicine, one could use the therapeutic effect of colours and sounds for individualised formwelt therapy programmes – the sky is the limit, and I am very curious to see what will happen.

formwelt can be understood as a music notation system with which meaning can be created. For those who can do something with the terms or want to google: With formwelt, we put an end to thinking in terms of things, facts or even concepts outside of us.

Things do not “are”; they are made by us. All we can say something about are our signs, our symbols, and our words. And because this is so, we can also play with them. In our sign universe, we are much freer once we understand that. We don’t ask: “what is freedom?” – that would also be quite unfree. We ask: “How does freedom work? What does freedom mean to you? How do you construct freedom?”

formwelt is like the well-tempered piano for human thinking and communicating and artistic creation. It can even be used to develop meta notes. We don’t even have to stick to a given order: We can finally start using language spatially and play with circularities, tautologies and paradoxes. formwelt gets by with a minimum of grammar, while at the same time, the concepts reach deep into our world of experience and thought.


by Gitta and Ralf Peyn

formwelt is a semantically and formally self-sufficient and Turing-complete linguistic system, a programming language for language(s) and meaning that can be spoken by humans and machines alike.


  • Education Worldwide/Education Reform/Education
  • Emergence
  • Increasing human and artificial intelligence
  • Human and Artificial Communication
  • Business
  • Business development
  • Diplomacy
  • Technical/technological development
  • Building self-referential and self-communicating
  • Artificial intelligence, also in areas new to humans
  • Translation
  • Transformative Science/Citizen Science
  • Transdisciplinary exchange
  • Development of systemically approachable/open-minded models
  • Therapeutic use
  • Art

formweltis a language that can be spoken in all languages of the world. The transfer of a concept into another language takes place on a 1:1 basis at the reference level. formwelt is the realisation of the differential-referential game of language that Ludwig Wittgenstein dreamed of. The formwelt kernel consists of 320 references (programming commands), by means of which every thinkable and perceivable phenomenon can be created/described/generated/constructed.

The programming language liberates humans from ontology into thinking in paradoxes, tautologies and contradictions. Semantic self-sufficiency ensures the individual’s ability to acquire basic knowledge without additional material (of systemics, logic, mathematics, etc.) and, by means of this knowledge, to formulate his or her own knowledge in formwelt. It emancipates children, pupils, students, learners worldwide from dysfunctional teaching structures and enables people to learn, create, solve problems collectively in a networked way worldwide.

formwelt unleashes the superintelligence that can emerge from the networked human being. The references are concepts of meaning that motivate the user to experience it for themselves. They are not definitions, but injunctions, instructions for action: “Do this and that and so have the experience that the reference implies.” The reference is structured like an equivalence: on the left side is the label to be referenced, on the right of the equivalence sign are the labels by means of which the reference is to be worked out. Each of the labels used for this is itself part of formwelt and referenced in it. Each of the references used there is structured in the same way.

Decompose Summarise, dissolve and relate the units to the quantity

If you want to take a cupboard apart, you can only do so functionally if you know that it is a cupboard. This is especially true if you intend to reassemble it later.

:To summarise

You start by taking apart: side panels, top, bottom, shelves, clothes rail, drawers, nails, screws, etc.


Then all the individual parts, the units, lie on the floor and you connect them in your mind as parts of the set “wardrobe”.

: units, relate, set

All terms: Summary, Resolution, Unit, Relation, Set, and including the items (the, the, the) are already referenced in formwelt Kernel as well, as their individual parts taken apart are referenced again and so on. The user of formwelt learns to construct his concepts from within, to follow their paths within himself and then to formulate them by means of formwelt. He does this on the online platform formwelt Online, which is still to be constructed.

There he can make his concepts available to others, make them public or make them available for teams. He can have them checked, but above all he can finally show his very own meaning in the deep structure.

Application Examples


Children can work on uniformly developed curricula in a worldwide network. On formwelt Online, a child from Japan can communicate and learn with a child from China, one from Germany, one from Kenya and one from Argentina, and at the same time learn the language of the other children through play. For example, they work out basic concepts of systemic thinking, develop their own ideas and put them on the web. The child from Argentina reads these ideas translated into his or her own language, but sees the matching Japanese symbols next to them, including a pronunciation soundtrack.


Abstract concepts in particular are often difficult to communicate. Many people are unable to express what they mean. Trapped in a pattern of language learned associatively and by habit, many aspects relevant to mutual understanding that are significant for the individual remain outside the semantic space – even more so, often outside the inner-psychic capacity for concreteness. “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” Ludwig Wittgenstein said. formwelt opens up new spaces of meaning, enables individuals to open up their inner world of experience, first to themselves and then to others.


For dyslexics, formwelt exists as an icon-based language. The dyslexic can see his formwelt symbols (for example “Deconstruct”) translated directly 1:1 into the different languages of the world with the help of the translation function, but can talk to other people in Icon-based- formwelt, which is translated for others into their languages.


Autistic people benefit particularly from formwelt. The clearly regulated language, which nevertheless leaves room for paradoxes, tautologies and contradictions, provides a secure structure in the terminology that makes it easier for autistic people to learn, express themselves and communicate with others. Through formwelt, the autistic person can form an idea of the emotional world of others and convey his or her own thoughts in a way that others can understand.

Intelligence increase

The intelligence limited by conditioning/socialisation and conventional language patterns can slowly and naturally unfold in interaction with others. By motivating the user to explore his own thoughts, his own meanings, and because he also experiences, reconstructs, experiences foreign concepts from within, his creativity is gradually released. His thinking clarifies, he makes the self-experience of self-responsibility of concept and thus world concept and thus emancipates himself from foreign referentiality where it is no longer needed. formwelt work is always self-knowledge work. The clarified mind can work more freely, deal with fears more easily and express itself more confidently. Knowledge is acquired in a playful way.


With formwelt, patients and doctors/therapists are given the opportunity for the first time to jointly work out the inner world of patients from the inside. Patients can formulate their thoughts in formwelt, invent their own languages, make all this available to their fellow patients and doctors/therapists in a comprehensible way and enable doctors/therapists to react via formwelt with the patients in their language, thus creating emotional and cognitive consensus.

Even the formulation of complex fears using formwelt creates inner clarity and has a therapeutic effect. In combination with uFORM iFORM , complex therapeutic environments and simulations are conceivable, such as the creation of light therapies or sound therapies, where colours, shapes or (in painting) line work etc. are used. are formwelt references. Patients can work out their own individual therapy programmes with therapists.


Painters, authors, poets, sound artists, composers, etc. can develop emergent art by means of formwelt, write/paint entire operas, pictures in formwelt and open up the deep structure of meaning to the viewers/listeners. Art can become interactive, artists and viewers can enter into dialogue, artists can relate to each other, complex new languages of art can be created through formwelt.


Apart from the educational advantage for educational institutions (see reference 2 of Witten/Herdecke University), formwelt is the tool of choice for constructing testable hypotheses, models, theories. Due to its one hundred percent translatability, formwelt not only replaces English as the language of science, but provides a much higher depth structure. Universities can make texts available on formwelt Online, which are checked for reference density using a simple algorithm, providing students and researchers with an objective quality marker for their work: Value Determination

formwelt Technologies

formwelt opens up completely new technologies. We have already developed a concept for a pad whose operation includes formwelt and which frees people from the limitations of linearly constructed language. Instead of having to go through the bottleneck of word/word/word in spoken and character/character/character in written, each formwelt reference provides a complete concept, so that speaking in formwelt already means: concept/concept/concept. To write in it with an accessibility of almost 1 million concepts “at your fingertips” is only one of the possibilities that open up technologically with formwelt.

formwelt in the economy

Both in development and in the daily internal and social media communication processes and organisation of business enterprises, communication occupies a central space and demands more and more attention. Uncertainty absorption requires good organisation, just as concepts from employees become particularly valuable for the company when they are formulated in a language that is comprehensible to all. This is achieved by formwelt, which as a transfer language can not only be effective across cultures, but which also makes communication within the company more effective.

Artifical Intelligence

The AI becomes really interesting when it works out areas for itself that are no longer accessible to us. Such an AI can be taught formwelt (as all programming languages can be formulated in formwelt, and the AI can then reference its ‘findings’ in formwelt in a way that is comprehensible to us and thus make them communicable.

AI/Economy/AI and humans

The current purely user-oriented development of AI and robotics will eventually reach the limits of human intelligence. Many scientists dealing with the issue of educational development in Western countries are already complaining about the lack of adaptation to technological progress and the necessities of labour market development. formwelt Online will be a platform that connects man and machine at eye level. There, a specially developed AI can develop meaning, concepts and models together with humans, make suggestions for references and learn together with humans. It is the semantics that make the difference. formwelt as a language goes beyond what has been associated with it so far. It is a step beyond purely statistical-associative learning for both humans and machines.


Longevity research is one of the key strains of modern systemics. There is no serious longevity research without systemic research and there will be no serious longevity without fundamental change in our cognitive processes and attitudes.

Social Media and Internet of Things

formwelt is compatible with everything. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, Youtube – whether on the PC, the tablet, the notebook, the smartphone: wherever people deal with terms on the net; wherever they communicate, formwelt Online is available to them as an application. In cooperation with the providers of Internet media, it can be networked to everything as an application and thus ensure that communication and thinking become more intelligent where people enjoy it or where it is necessary. Each individual can keep their own conceptual integrity in constant access and make it available to others for acquaintance and discourse. “Intelligently networked” with formwelt Online no longer means only technology, but all of us.

Many more examples could be provided

It should be said here that this introductory paper is formulated in formwelt for general comprehension. Most of the concepts you read here are already developed references. They are normally readable and normally connectable for you, but for the user of formwelt they represent individual concepts that can be developed in full depth until no questions of understanding remain concerning the concept of the term and new free space for creativity, modelling, questions subsequently opens up. Instead of conventional free association and habitual interpretation, formwelt provides clear conceptual structures that can be understood in all details until all misunderstandings have been cleared up.

formwelt enables communication on a factual level, but does not exclude emotional exchange. Feelings can also be referenced. Misunderstandings at the reference level are eliminated, creating the free space for new, more creative conflicts that advance people, society, companies, science and research, education and interaction with AI. With the help of uFORM iFORM SelFis it can be shown that systems that are constituted exclusively on symmetrical conflicts run out into dissipative structures in the long run. For the survival of complex, global societies, it is necessary that the quality of conflicts increases.

In this context, we refer once again to the need for human beings to grow along in a technological environment in the context of globalisation. If they do not, they reduce complexity in a dysfunctional way – we see the results everywhere at the moment: nationalism, populism, refusal of education, prejudice against intelligence … They are the result of psychological overload. The rational consequence of information overload is not a reduction of information, but that people learn to select and structure information in a more targeted way. Individuals must keep pace with the spatial and technological growth of society. If they do not, the cultural-evolutionary advantage will be lost.


by Ralf Peyn

For anyone who has learned to read carefully, this one small paragraph already provides all the basic information about what formwelt does and is capable of doing:

formwelt is a semantically and formally self-sufficient Turing-complete linguistic system, a programming language for language(s) and meaning that can be spoken by humans and machines.

formwelt Kernel Explications

30 years ago I became increasingly disturbed and annoyed by the vagueness of conventional language, so I started out to find a remedy for this predicament: I developed formwelt.

formwelt is a linguistic system based on injunction to acquire definition. Its linguistic kernel consists of about 320 references: you might think of them as words with concrete meaning which explain each other without any gaps that could hinder the flow of information and construction of precise sense. The kernel is semantically self-sufficient. It contains the basic concepts which are needed to describe any thinkable or perceivable phenomenon. Using the formwelt kernel you can say what can be said clearly and do what can be done oriented by a meaningful description.

formwelt doesn’t produce verbal mumbo-jumbo, it always provides exits to empirical or practical or mental experience: so that you can understand what you say, do what you say and see, feel, hear, taste or smell the results of your descriptions.

How can this work, you ask? – Well, imagine what a clear and uncomplicated mind can conceive and accomplish. Language is based on distinction and decision, decision over decision produces structure, structure sorts experience, describes yourself and the other, helps to construct new experiences, to find data, to generate information and ideas, to check your models and your view of the world for practicability, consistency and effectiveness.

To experience using an injunction means to learn by contingency and to find diverse functionally equivalent ways to realize the injunction. formwelt provides a language that can be spoken just as conventional language. As a matter of fact it builds on the language we speak every day and improves on it,
as every user can improve on it further.

formwelt is not an artificially constructed hybrid language. formwelt is spoken in the existing languages of our world, but the results of interactions based on language programmed by formwelt will be better coordinated, less prone to misunderstanding and failure, more precise and much more in accord to the plans of the individuals who use it to realize their plans.

As a creative tool formwelt opens up new ways of self-description, perception, action and conceptualizing your view of the world and the universe and especially your view of the living beings you are sharing this planet with. – Ralf Peyn

So, how does it work?

The kernel consists of references, each reference is a rather short relation of words: a label pointing to its referent, which is (for the most part) built of labels pointing to their referents. Selfsufficiency of the kernel means that it only uses words which are either referenced within the kernel or can be understood by most simple and common cognitive or practical concepts.

Each reference provides an instruction or a rule. When you follow the references you will move within a most complex web of cognition and practice (operation). In following a referent you will produce your own experiences with this specific part of the cognitive web, you will learn and understand increasingly and from diverse points of view. You will be able to reproduce and communicate the data, experiences, cognitions and operations you have produced in your work with this verbal net by using your own set of labels to describe them. Others will understand you because your labels are their entrances to the net to make their compatible experiences.

The references within the kernel of formwelt are organized in modules. Each module provides you with the tools to perform a specific and most basic cognitive
or analytical or operative function. The understanding of and the capability to use formwelt does not spring from learning single references by heart but it grows by utilizing the parts of its reference system which are in your actual situation helpful to understand and express yourself.

I suppose 40% or more of the kernel could be understood by a child under the age of 12, the rest he or she should be able to comprehend during the following 6 years of their life. Although it might be that some concepts stay out of his/hercognitive reach. If so it should not pose to much of a difficulty because the parts of formwelt she/he can manage will work anyway.

The real power of formwelt unfolds by putting the kernel to use in your mind and in your communication with others: You will be able to describe the complexity
of the world precisely. You will be able to develop new and meaningful concepts. Using the kernel you can develop own or consensual reference systems to describe new perspectives, thus program your own language and in teamwork with others your project specific language.


I suppose you realize that the features I have described so far are applications in themselves. Here are some further ideas:


This is the main concern of formwelt to help people to understand themselves, their world and each other and to develop effective means to communicate with each other. Using formwelt the amount of misunderstandings and failure by vague language and empty word bubbles will be dramatically reduced. People will get more direct access to their own ideas and to the ideas of others and so they can coordinate their interactions more reliantly.

Another application might be found in translation: since formwelt is quite formalized, labels can be exchanged almost like variable names in a program, the structure of the meaning should remain unharmed. Using this advantage it could be easily possible to transpose/translate reference systems based on formwelt from one natural language into another. This way people could work together although they think and speak in different languages. But I do not think formweltshould be used to further automatize communication because in the end this could only mean to get rid of the individual, formwelt should rather be used to support the individual in her/his capability to widen his/her communication skills by learning more languages.


Imagine clear spoken learning materials that help us from our early days on to learn with pleasure as much as we like as fast as we can without the ever lurking demon of vagueness always using its chance to jostle us into the deep and dark abyss of misunderstanding and foolish narrow-mindedness. Must I say more?


Scientific teams can develop their project specific language clearly and effectively when based on formwelt. Descriptions of scientific views can be reviewed based on formwelt. Most certainly ways can be found to improve them and maybe we even find some important things we have over


Every business company can be run much more efficiently if the communication between co-workers and between management and staff is as sound and as precise as possible and what maybe even more important if it can be debugged when necessary.

Data and Information Management

The concepts of formwelt are especially useful to organize information, they can be adapted to improve internet search functionality. Further: a simple tool that links the texts you are writing or reading to your reference systems could prove very helpful.

Thinking and Intelligence

formwelt is a new way of thinking and this will improve intelligence. So far incorporated in formwelt are concepts of mathematics, logic, model theory, science theory, information theory, system theory, sociology, philosophical constructivism, etc.

AI and Robotics

formwelt delivers the intellectual means to develop an interface that can help a human being to recreate and simulate parts of his/her mind using a computer. Those computer aided constructs can augment her/his daily experiences and proceedings. Moving on from here it might become possible to simulate complex and meaningful maybe even self-referential or self-conscious communication behavior in a machine.

Another in a way built-in application of formwelt is language based behavior research analyzing the user activities on an internet service for formwelt.