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You know how it is:


You have a good idea to work together locally and globally to face the challenging crises of today and tomorrow, and then the first interpersonal and systemic conflicts start to sabotage your efforts. The complexity of communication exceeds the capabilities of all involved, and the resulting tensions cost not only nerves but also valuable psycho-, socio- and environmental-ecological resources, time and money.


In terms of systems theory, we have entered a new era in which other complexities are at work, for which today’s education systems are unfortunately still not prepared. There is a shortage of concepts to describe what is happening here, and wherever they are lacking, people navigate blindly and are helpless not only to the much more complex conflicts that arise through global networking, for example, but also to systemic effects for which they do not yet have a language.


The German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein put it this way: “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world!”


Formwelt research fills this gap with the very concepts and terms that are already missing at the grassroots level, i.e. where people meet to build something together.


We provide the models and tools that are not simply imposed from above via organisational design, but that work directly where they are needed: with the people who interact with each other and now have to learn that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts and therefore already does things on its own that can trigger conflicts.


We train you and your partners, your organisation and your teams to approach conflict systems in the future with the very concepts that get to the root of them. In this way, you will bring the language and thus new possibilities for agreement into your organisations and networks that you need in order to be able to work together efficiently and effectively.


We start with two simple complexity-appropriate tools that have proven to be very effective:

C2M - Complexity Management Model

We train multipliers in society, your organisation and your networks to become trainers in our Complexity Management Model, which was created especially for these new complexities. These multipliers/trainers then in turn carry on the basic concepts of the model and help to deal differently with conflicts, complexity and crises in all organisational and social environments above.


The C2M is specifically designed to examine the complexity management capabilities of individuals, teams, organisations and societies for clearly identifiable and easily isolatable characteristics and then to help increase capabilities and manage higher complexities.


The model equips you and your partners and colleagues with the basic concepts you need to navigate today’s complexities. It uncovers evolutionary assets and enables relaxed and, above all, more complexity-aware ways of dealing with the challenges of today and tomorrow. It helps to build the naturally inherent complexity management skills of all, which are usually blocked by our educational and conditioning systems.


Read more about this (r)evolutionary tool here:


RdU - Reorganisation of the Undetermined

Mediation via Systemic Conflict Analysis with Computer Emulations

We train complexity mediators in a world first:


Underneath our Formwelt lies a multi-valued cognitive logic we call “RdU”: Reorganisation of the Undetermined: With RdU, we can bring forms of human cognition and communication to the point via this logic and run them on the computer to see how the respective system develops.


Not only can we use this to make framework predictions about what to expect from the respective conflict system, but we can also significantly reduce mediation paths via form analysis and show clear ways of moving from the system you currently have that is disrupting or even paralysing your work and communication processes to the one you need. You can understand the differences directly on the computer and thus better accompany the changes in the form of your system.


For you we train trainers and mediators also in your organisations, networks, corporations, who will not only be effective as mediators, but who will carry this knowledge into your projects in such a way that it will have a lasting effect at the grassroots level.


You can read an introduction to this tool here:



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Promoting evolutionary systems

The great crises and challenges of today and tomorrow are crises and challenges of consciousness.

You know that, and we know that too. If we work directly on consciousness, however, not only do we need a very long time to achieve anything overall, we humans then also tend to turn it into ideologies.


Much better:


We equip ourselves, our friends, colleagues, team members, organisations, companies and ultimately societies with the concepts, tools, programmes and models that are directly tailored to the challenges of our time and that fill precisely the gap from which so many of today’s blockages and sabotages of so many good projects stem.


We here at Formwelt saw the crises coming. And we have devoted our life’s energy and done the necessary systems research to ensure that you still get exactly the support you need from within at the right time to lead your projects to success.


Formwelt models and tools expand your awareness of today’s complexities and provide you with the language and analytical tools to orient your communication systems towards successful, ecological and economic cooperation.


In this way you create sustainable thinking and communication and promote evolutionary systems in your teams, networks and organisations.

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