Formwelt training for NPOs, networks and projects

Do you know what the main reason is that so many outstanding projects fail, especially in the non-profit sector?

Do you think it’s because of money, lack of commitment or support? No. It is because of conflict and lack of complexity management skills. And that’s what we’re going to do about now so that the good people who are volunteering so hard to make it happen;

  • that world hunger can be defeated
  • that forests can be replanted
  • that organic farming can become widespread
  • that table money projects become successful
  • that women get the support they deserve
  • that children all over the planet get good education
  • that slums can be transformed into thriving communities
  • and much more …

and not wear themselves out through systemic conflicts and lack of complexity overview.

So what will we do about it?

We call it: "Building Social Fractals!"

We train in the basics of Formwelt research:

  • Complexity management skills according to the “C2M-Model”
  • Systemic analysis according to the “RdU” model
  • Basic systemic vocabulary according to Formwelt


Because these three research fields have proven to be particularly effective and efficient for conflict management and systemic complexity analyses for organisations and society, and because:

They are particularly well suited to guaranteeing a quick, consensual overview, also and especially in the non-profit sector, and not only to mediate elegantly in the case of conflict, but also to be able to dissolve disturbing conflicts right from the germ from the meta-level.

And the win-win-win of this?

We train the trainer-trainer-trainers!

This means:
We train people who then use this knowledge not only to support the projects in their non-profit circles and thus prevent them from going under due to conflicts and a lack of complexity management skills, but also to support them:

We thus ensure that vocabulary and knowledge become fractal and can dig deep into the projects via the fact that the trainers in turn train and train other trainers, who in turn train and train other trainers, and enable a basal consensus of observation and values that supports and promotes the intended work.

And that is not all:

The trainers can advise local corporations and governments, earning income, thus supporting their families and allowing surplus capital to flow into the volunteer projects.

And more:
With the support of the German coaching institute “Felix Institut Shift Happens” and Formwelt, the coaches are encouraged to acquire knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to work as consultants in centre or first world countries.

And that is urgently needed because here in the rich countries hardly anyone knows how crises work and what is needed then.

Win! Win! Win!


So what you can do?

Well, support us, of course.

Donate diligently here:

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