Outthink¡ How to become smarter with FORMWELT

By Gitta and Ralf Peyn, 2016 – revised 2022

How to become smarter with FORMWELT

Working on Artificial Intelligence seems like the biggest endeavour mankind could challenge but we find working on Human Intelligence and Communication to be even more exciting.

Think about it: during the last one hundred and fifty thousand years our species really hasn’t evolved that much. Our meso-palaeolithic ancestor was physically and mentally just as developed as we are nowadays. Even if we like to picture us as brighter than she/he was, we are at best more civilized and that did not prove as a distinct evolutionary advantage so far. From those old days till now our evolution has been for the most part a social evolution.

The necessity of continuing human evolution

Of course, we have grown, and yes, we have learned: we have developed the most stunning technologies but our bodies didn’t change much and we haven’t become more intelligent. We have adapted to some of our own technological products but we still lack precise communication, self-awareness and emotional control. And exactly these deficiencies are preventing us from using the intelligence we are born with to its full extend and from following our destination to grow beyond.

Every species not evolving is designated to become extinct and mankind today is facing problems so tremendous they could easily finish us off. We have to become more intelligent, we have to use our communication-skills, we have to develop non-exploitative and self-sustaining technologies, AIs, better drugs, life-expansion-methods, ways for fair distribution of resources, food and education to the people all over the world just to make sure that mankind has a future worth telling about.

formwelt makes people smarter

We are at a pivotal point now where everything is possible: total destruction or peace, health and prosperity for everybody. And formwelt is the technology that will help us to make sure that we will reach the positive side of this perspective.

formwelt makes people smarter. Smart people find it easier to gain emotional balance. Smart people love to be creative, they love to solve problems, they love to search new questions and new challenges. Smart people know how important compassion and fairness are in order to reach goals. Smart people love to work on projects helping people, helping mankind.

Working with formwelt that’s running all of your thoughts through a meaning-squeezer: everything you do not need to express yourself will leave your mind, every thought becomes precise, sharp and can be expressed exactly the way it is thought. Talking and meaning are becoming one. Feelings are getting clear and psychological problems can be simply solved because they can be seen and described adequately.

Developers, inventors, scientists will sense their ideas more clearly and can design their communication with others freed from vagueness. Every expression, every theory can be verified or falsified with formwelt Is it consistent? Is it described efficiently and effectively? Is it compatible to the other assertions of the hypothesis or theory?

Embrace the opportunities with formwelt

Think about conflicting parties talking to each other in formwelt? How precise their expression could be, how easy to be understood. People this clear are way more capable to find solutions for interpersonal, international and intercultural conflicts. They will be superior to everybody not working with formwelt but they will also see that there is no gain in using this superiority to manipulate others, only in lifting them up to this higher state of mind and communication-skills all can mutually profit.

Implementing formwelt in your life, in your work, in your communication is an important step not only for you but for everyone who works with you or lives with you because you will become a better person, a stronger person, a more intelligent person and a person others will look up to because you see clearly where others fail, you find solutions where others give up and you show empathy where others are trapped in their emotions, their individual, national and cultural sensitivities.

If we as a species commit to this step – all of us together – and embrace the opportunities formwelt is delivering anything can be possible. We can solve hunger, short life-spans, war, we can reach for the stars again and make ourselves kind and caring people capable to tackle any problem which will come across our paths – problems we are now totally over-challenged by because we are stuck in petty downturned thinking and communicating.

formwelt brings out the brightest side in all of us. It is simplicity itself. It is evolution itself – man made, clear, kind and future-oriented.