By Gitta and Ralf Peyn, 2016 – revised 2022

In search of Superintelligence

This intelligence, the Artificial General Intelligence, shall solve all our problems and the entire world is working on it. But the current Artificial Intelligence is mostly at the level of robotics. Fact is, that problem awareness is increased, we have recognized that we need to bundle our capacities to create something that helps mankind to find solutions against the most urgent problems, resource scarcity, world hunger, diseases, and social turmoil.


In search of that Super Computer, the Super Intelligence, we forget that our planet has 7 billion super intelligences walking around and they are all waiting to give a meaning to their lives and bring in their cognitive-emotional talents: Humans.


We try to walk with crutches whilst we already sit in a Formula 1 racing car.

That which makes a computer superior in comparison to lots of humans is its simple structure and at the same time its big efficiency and very low susceptibility. The human being is able to acquire these skills as well as using its skills of processing complex correlations.

Creating global intelligence

With help of formwelt different people can be brought together in a way so they can create an intelligence which is way bigger resulting in a higher performance compared to every computer in our world.

For hundreds of years we were solving our problems without the need of computers, without technical help, and we did a good job of it. Now we claim that the solution of our future problems depend on a computer which we, in fact, build by our selves.

Technologies developed recently and distributed throughout the internet mainly are home entertainment products such as Facebook, games, Twitter, and computer pornography.

Home entertainment products are actually good for those who do not have anything better to do in their lives or rather for those who forgot to do something useful – those who do not get a chance to do something better. In other words: We are using the internet to occupy these people who are un- or underemployed. We try to give these people options to structure their time. From the point of evolutionary perspective this means that we waste our time with the inventions of the best technologies.

Elevating human capabilities

formwelt is a technology which enables us to use the performance of human intelligence in a positive and creative way for worthwhile purposes. Those ones who feel idle and are searching for a sensible use of their lifetime, could help solving the problems of our future with the help of formweltinstead of producing more and more costs with time-structuring and exploiting our resources of our planet and the human life.

formwelt is a constructional game of knowledge. Humans can give their lives a meaning. Everyone gets the opportunity to work on the future of all of us in a positive way. We can focus on how we spend our energy in the most constructive way and learn to adopt to challenges with more reason. And this can all happen without a central power which controls everything. formwelt works systemically, self-organized and self-governed.

Working with an Artificial General Intelligence is very important. Integrating an agi within formwelt and partaking it within problem solving issues – this is a fantastic idea. But we must not forget what we already have.

Let us integrate all our capabilities instead of focusing on only one thing.

Superintelligent problem solving

Human beings waste their intelligence, becoming dulled by the entertainment industry. This is a waste of resource. Human happiness depends on sense of purpose and of each person being able to use his or her intelligence making a contribution.

Let us make it clearer by using an example:

We are having a problem – no matter if it is earth-shattering or rather personal and small. Let us take this problem and let a hundred thousand people, working with formwelt, deal with it. That means we are having a super intelligent, living and creative biocomputer which can solve problems in a matter of seconds. This biocomputer with its complexity will outshine the skills of computers in near future.

With formwelt problems can be described precisely. Everyone who deals with problem solving issues knows the importance of a functional description for the solution.

formwelt offers highly specific fully formed problem descriptions which are issued to mankind to find a solution.

Unleashing human potential

By now there are billions of people on this world using their computers day and night, using Twitter, talking to each other via Facebook, watching movies and listening to music. Imagine only a small amount of these people would use only a small amount of their computer time to bring in something constructive using formwelt to describe a problem and subsequently solving the problem together with others, it might be possible to achieve a development leap of which today we only can dream of.


Within each of us there is a huge potential which is simply begging to be realized. At that moment where a person realises his or her potential, this person is filled with satisfaction. We are social beings, we gain great value in our lives while attending to the needs of our surrounding communities. For each of us it is important to be part of joint problem solutions or getting the opportunity to describe existing problems.


Problems, as for instance the question concerning the manned trip to Mars, could be quickly and competently solved. Single developments could be supported by brilliant minds from all over the world. We can all become a big problem-solving-machine nobody needs to be afraid of. We would create synergies – emergence. We could integrate agis into these processes without depending on artificial intelligence: We don’t need it, but you can help us.


People who connect with each other online via formwelt are able to send out their problems and solutions with just one finger-click. They will be understood from everyone around the world and will receive answers, help and support also with only one click.


Without limits of hours and daytime, people can spontaneously build working groups. Exactly as fast as we communicate via Facebook these days, we can solve problems virally via formwelt online. A request from Russia can be discussed online at the same time by a tinkerer from China together with a riddle enthusiast from France. In this way something can be solved together; something rather small or something with a global importance – without spatial, cultural or intellectual boundaries.

formwelt online will connect the people, it will create understanding among them and will optimize their capacities of problem solving issues. What seems to be unsolvable for a single person, can be solved together. What seems to be an obstacle for the single person can be eliminated by many. formwelt brings us together and helps us to realize our human potential to create new developments making our world a better place for all of us and our children.

We are the super intelligence which we were waiting for.