What FORMWELT can do for (self-)education

The most important topic of our time: Education

Due to globalization, algorithmization, digitalization, interconnectedness and reality-emulation we are facing fundamental change in almost everything starting with how we see ourselves, how we imagine our future confronted with ongoing automatation and the inventions coming with AI, robotics, bionics, continued by questions about family structures, local, national and global economy and ecology of social structures and the environment(s).

One of the most important topics of our times is education. How do we proceed with already existing education systems, how do we stay in touch with progress, what do we have to change, what has to stay and what kind of education system do we establish when and where we are not hindered by outdated and rigid structures? What kind of education should our children and grandchildren receive and engage in and how do we ensure the education of those adults who never got a chance to schooling?

How do we ensure that in the end everybody on this planet has a chance to stay in touch with the newest developments in science, philosophy, arts and music, therapy, with knowledge of all kinds and forms? How do we support all people on this planet in becoming and staying a valuable and emancipated member of the global community?

The answer can be found in formwelt Online.

What FORMWELT can do for (self-)education

So here is what formwelt can do for our (self-)education, the education of our children and grandchildren and the education of Artificial Intelligence(s):

Imagine clear-spoken learning materials that help us from our early days on to learn with pleasure as much as we like as fast as we can without the ever lurking demon of vagueness always using its chance to jostle us into the deep and dark abyss of misunderstanding and foolish narrow-mindedness.

Children all over the world can use formwelt clarified studying materials, on an equal basis due to their development and learning levels whether they visit public schools or private schools or are taught in homeschooling. A child from Nigeria could study in a for his/her learning needs specified online environment together with children from Japan, the US, Germany, … all communicating in their own native language but at the same time watching and experiencing how her/his formwelt language looks like in the languages of the other children.

And as a bonus: teachers using formwelt will improve because they will understand themselves better and their communication will in a most positive sense become more transparent.

A list full of possibilities

  • Everybody working on and with formwelt on formwelt Online can become the teacher and/or student of everybody else. Children and adults all over the world can teach each other what they know.
  • Normally we have to listen very closely to everything someone else says and does in order to learn from him or her. On formwelt Online we simply have to follow the reference structure of others and we comprehend their meaning, their knowledge. And we finally have the chance to make ourselves clear.
  • Knowledge, information is the product of the future. People can give their knowledge in form of references for free or they can start teaching on formwelt Online. There will be the chance for both.
  • Immigrants can make a living out of teaching the knowledge of their home countries via formwelt Online to everybody interested. Integration can become a process fostered by formwelt Online in many ways.
  • Artificial Intelligence created with the help of formwelt learning formwelt can be an emancipated partner on formwelt Online and learn how to create meaning with us humans and help us with our own references. We will evolve alongside AI as AI will evolve alongside us. Ethic references can be learned by AI and we can discuss topics of ethics with AI.
  • We all (children included) can emancipate ourselves from bad teachers. If someone really knows something this knowledge can be referenced by him or her. By analyzing the quality of the reference and its structure we analyze the competence of the teacher.
  • Texts, articles, books can be analyzed by formwelt value determination. This will help everybody differentiate bullshit and weak texts from facts and carefully thought out work.
  • Illiteracy as a problem can be solved more easy on formwelt Online. The same goes with dyslexia. An icon based formwelt already exists and it can be translated into any spoken or written other language. People who had to live with illiteracy or suffer from dyslexia can learn how to read and write properly while they are using icon based formwelt and see how it is transformed/translated into other languages (including their own).
  • formwelt Online will deliver the chance to build study groups on any thinkable topic and perspective.
  • Teachers and children can reference the curriculum together. Thus children become an ongoing active and integrated part in the learning and teaching progress.
  • Everybody, children or adults, can choose what they want to study on their own. But since everything communicated on formwelt Online is referenceable, learning and studying will become an ongoing, a natural attendant phenomenon in every communication which takes place on formwelt Online.
  • All sorts of formwelt Online schools can be implemented: free schools, public schools, academies, universities, training units, further education units – whatever.
  • When there is a lack of teachers children can be supervised by their parents or other adults or elder children while they are studying together on formwelt Online the material they are interested in in the company of all other children which are online right now and connected to them and they can be accompanied by trained teachers all over the world. This will make charity schooling easy. A volunteer from Germany can stay at home and train children from Ethiopia, adults from India, students from Japan, Uruguay, Kenya, other teachers from Patagonia etc. in the same study group.
  • Younger and elder students can work and study together and help each other with topics they struggle with. There will be no need any longer for children being severed from the wisdom and protection of elder children because on formwelt Online children all over the world can build study groups of equals accompanied by elder children and adults. Of course normal class-rooms can work with formwelt Online as well …
  • Since everything thinkable can be referenced in formwelt the limits to what we can learn on formwelt Online are few and can be managed according to the capacities of the system that carries formwelt Online to adapt resources from its environment. Training can become both at the same time, an intellectual and a matter of experience.

    In the future we can develop Virtual Reality formweltformwelt languages in the form of landscapes, of music and light helping disabled, blind, deaf or deaf-mute people, helping ourselves with meaningful therapy and art, teaching each other experiences we could have never taught each other before because of the lack not only of VR but of a semantically and formally self-sufficient linguistic system as formwelt is.

    With the help of formwelt and formwelt Online education can become a poly-sensuous and synaesthetic experience for everybody.
  • Concepts of systems theory are already implemented in formwelt. The same goes with logic and fundamental terms of mathematics. Every user of formwelt Online will become automatically trained in these topics in an integrated way and learn the related concepts by heart and personal experience.
  • References are no definitions. Definitions lay outside of us. They do not belong to us. We have to learn them as if they are somewhat alien. References, on the other hand, are ours. We experience them from inside, a reference asks and guides us to construct the experience for ourselves. This will change the way children look at education forever. Children (and adults) will have a real chance of healthy learning experiences.

Competence matters

Working with formwelt on formwelt Online will make everybody smarter. Please read our Blog article “Outthink” and “Superintelligence”.

Competence matters in all sorts of decisions but especially when it comes to the educated member of a society we need a self-referential education, a circular and emergent education which enables the citizen to embrace rising complexity which always comes with globalization. formwelt Online trains people almost effortless in systemic thinking and constructive thinking – the kind of thinking which enables us to comprehend the complexity of matters of modern politics, economy and ecology.

In the face of global challenges all depends on education and formwelt Online can guarantee the sort of education we need: systemic, interconnected, emancipated, independent and intelligent.

So let’s get started.