Formwelt training for NPOs, networks and projects – a win-win-win initiative

Do you know what the main reason is that so many outstanding projects fail, especially in the non-profit sector? Do you think it’s because of money, lack of commitment or support? No. It is because of conflict and lack of complexity management skills. And that’s what we’re going to do about now so that the […]

Formwelt-Forschung für weltweites Krisen- und Konfliktmanagement

Sie kennen das: Sie haben eine gute Idee, lokal und global zusammen zu wirken, um den herausfordernden Krisen von heute und morgen zu begegnen, und dann beginnen die ersten zwischenmenschlichen und systemischen Konflikte, Ihre Bemühungen zu torpedieren. Die Komplexität der Kommunikation übersteigt die Möglichkeiten aller Beteiligten, und die daraus resultierenden Spannungen kosten nicht nur Nerven, […]

Formwelt research for global crisis and conflict management

You know how it is: You have a good idea to work together locally and globally to face the challenging crises of today and tomorrow, and then the first interpersonal and systemic conflicts start to sabotage your efforts. The complexity of communication exceeds the capabilities of all involved, and the resulting tensions cost not only […]

What FORMWELT can do for (self-)education

By Gitta Peyn, 2018 – revised 2022 The most important topic of our time: Education Due to globalization, algorithmization, digitalization, interconnectedness and reality-emulation we are facing fundamental change in almost everything starting with how we see ourselves, how we imagine our future confronted with ongoing automatation and the inventions coming with AI, robotics, bionics, continued […]