FORMboard / FORMpad – A million minds at your fingertips

FORMboard Normal keyboards are very limited. You have your alphabetical etc. keys, your mouse, some menus to be clicked at and icons. Microsoft is working on the problem to simplify cues but at the same time it is getting more unclear. Developers are working on taking the heuristic problem from the average user in order […]

Formwelt training for NPOs, networks and projects

Do you know what the main reason is that so many outstanding projects fail, especially in the non-profit sector? Do you think it’s because of money, lack of commitment or support? No. It is because of conflict and lack of complexity management skills. And that’s what we’re going to do about now so that the […]

Formwelt research for global crisis and conflict management

You know how it is:   You have a good idea to work together locally and globally to face the challenging crises of today and tomorrow, and then the first interpersonal and systemic conflicts start to sabotage your efforts. The complexity of communication exceeds the capabilities of all involved, and the resulting tensions cost not […]

Project: C2M – Complexity Test and Experience Universe

2023, Formwelt Health, led by Elena Beenen, sociologist Dr. Karin Kelle-Herfurth, rehabilitation physician, health economist will start building a C2M online testing, self-awareness and training universe for complexity management skills. Project duration: 3 years Project team: Dr. Karim Fathi, Marina Gerdes, Michael Gerstner, Helga Kölln, Dominik Ortelt, Gitta Peyn, Ilia Stambler, Ph.D. Phase 1 We […]

What FORMWELT can do for (self-)education

The most important topic of our time: Education Due to globalization, algorithmization, digitalization, interconnectedness and reality-emulation we are facing fundamental change in almost everything starting with how we see ourselves, how we imagine our future confronted with ongoing automatation and the inventions coming with AI, robotics, bionics, continued by questions about family structures, local, national […]

What FORMWELT can do for Longevity, Longevity Research and Longevity Researchers

By Gitta Peyn, 2018 – revised 2022 With comments and statements from:Marios Kyriazis M. D. , Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon, Ilia Stambler PhD, Preliminary remarks Longevity research will profit from systemic thinking. Psychological, physiological and social health are interconnected with themselves and with the health of their psychological, physiological, social, economical, political and ecological […]

FORMWELT value determination

By Gitta and Ralf Peyn, 2016 – revised 2022 Density of meaning formwelt is a coding language for language and meaning. It is a semantically and formally self-sufficient linguistic system, it is Turing complete (which doesn’t mean too much, most coding languages are). You can express any coding language with formwelt, create artificial and artistic languages, translate […]


By Gitta and Ralf Peyn, 2016 – revised 2022 Socio-Economic Challenges Germany, Europe and the United States of America are facing similar national and global challenges, as well as some country-specific ones, most of which are complex and multi-dimensional enough to defy conventional solutions. Complex systems require complex thought while dealing with these challenges, especially […]


By Gitta and Ralf Peyn, 2016 – revised 2022 In search of Superintelligence This intelligence, the Artificial General Intelligence, shall solve all our problems and the entire world is working on it. But the current Artificial Intelligence is mostly at the level of robotics. Fact is, that problem awareness is increased, we have recognized that […]